Obama’s Health Care Plan: The Truth Is Finally Revealed on Obama Care

Recently, the mandates and explanations have begun to trickle out on president Obama’s Health Care Plan. One of the proposed mandates of the plan was the ability to keep our current health insurance plans with our employers. It was said Medicare would pretty much be left untouched. However, new figures just released show that more than four million American Medicare recipients will be forced to switch prescription drug plans under Obama care. And, that number is expected to grow much higher.

What Happened to ‘Gandfather’?

Also part of Obama’s health care plan was the proposed ‘grandfathering’ in of many current health care plans. Remember? The president himself promised us that we could keep our current coverage under Obama care. However, if you read the fine print of the bill, it turns out that more than 72 percent of employers that offer insurance expect to lose their “grandfather” status.

At the time of the writing of this article, health insurance rates are going up with no end in sight under Obama’s health care plan. One of the most absurd concepts of this government intrusion into our personal freedoms, is the redefining of ‘childhood’ age by our government.

Childhood to Age 26.

For the purposes of Obama’s health care plan, childhood is now defined as a dependent under the age of 26 years of age. This provision alone is estimated to cost tax payers in the hundreds of millions of dollars. As it is, our children may need this coverage more than ever anyway. Universities are now announcing that they can no longer offer basic health insurance to students under Obama’s health care plan rules and regulations.

As more knowledge and information comes to light about this government monstrosity, we are made even more aware of the true costs in terms of dollars and cents. This is the true cost of government intrusion into our personal affairs. It seems more and more obvious that we do not need the government to dictate to us our health care coverage.

While it may be true that health care reform is needed, it seems to me, that private industry if left to it’s own devices, could do a much better and cheaper job of it. One of the main hindrances to cheaper health insurance for individuals, for example, is the fact that insurance companies are prohibited in many cases from selling health insurance policies across state lines. This prohibits competition and therefore causes premiums to rise.

Healthcare at any cost?

As the news continues to be made more public about Obama’s health care plan, it becomes more evident that America can not afford it. Slowly, the American public has begun to see this also. Those of us who have been watching this development carefully have realised this for a long time. And, we remain hopeful that a more reasonable and affordable solution can and will be found to healthcare.

David Chenault is a Freelance writer specializing in Alternative Health & Wellness. David writes for many other Health & Wellness sites and has several works published throughout the Internet in the Alternative Health & Wellness, Nutrition, and Disease Prevention Niches.